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Name:Kitty Norville
Location:United States of America
Kitty is moderately fairly normal twentysomething year old woman, for the most part. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Average height. Loving suburban family. Her parents are a part of their local country club, and her older sister is nailing down the 'husband, two kids and a dog' role. She has a degree in English and a job as radio show host on her very own popular syndicated late night show.

Kitty loves all sorts of music, especially the older stuff, and picked up on her sister's taste when she was younger, stealing her tapes.

She's has the recently picked up moderately bad habit of standing up for what she believes is right, and generally tries her best to give the right sort of advice to her listeners when they call in with their problems.

This usually leads her straight into trouble, but unlike some people, one of the first things Kitty tries to do is find out what is going on before she dives headlong into it. This doesn't always work, but she does her best to balance getting help from friends without endangering people more than they would be otherwise.

Most of the trouble she’s ended up in is supernatural based, involving werewolves, skin-walkers, vampires, and a mysterious cult. It’s a good thing Kitty has support, because otherwise she’d be deep in over her head.

She also happens to be a werewolf.

As a werewolf, Kitty is supernaturally strong, has a keen sense of smell, and heals supernaturally fast. She is able to turn into a wolf at any time; it is only during the full moon that the change is forced. As a wolf, however, she doesn't retain her human intellect, or very much in the way of human rationality. Handling or touching silver is painful for her and gives her contact dermatitis in that area.

To other characters, she'll appear completely normal unless she's changing. If they have an excellent sense of smell themselves, they might be able to note that she has a wolfy scent, and that it's from her, not on her.

Wounds caused by silver- such as from a silver bullet- will be fatal due to silver poisoning the bloodstream.

For Tu Shanshu: Kitty is being played from the beginning of Kitty Goes to War.

For Milliways: Kitty is currently being played from the beginning of her canon, which starts with Kitty and the Midnight Hour.

Kitty Norville is from the Kitty Norville series, and is the property of Carrie Vaughn. More information on her and her series can be found on Carrie Vaughn's website. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing.
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